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The greatest gift is a passion for reading"

   -Elizabeth Hardwick


Classroom Policies 2017 - 2018

8th grade English Language Arts will be a fun and challenging course focused on reading and writing. There are exciting developments in technology and curriculum that ensure that our students are engaged in rigorous learning.

Students are urged to bring an electronic device (laptop or notebook) to school. Many of our lessons are designed to be digital. I have some computers in my classroom for student use. The library has computers and is open daily after school. Check hours of operation with librarian.  The optimal situation is that each student has a device dedicated to school use.

Students are expected to follow all class rules and routines. Students should read all of the Student/Parent handbook and the Student Planner. These are provided to the students in the first days of school. A matrix of behavior expectations is posted in class, around school, and in the planner. Students will be trained and expected to follow the expectations.

Each day homework is to be recorded in the student planner. Students will be given time in the class, daily, to record their homework in the planner. Homework consists of reading (described below) primarily. In addition to the daily reading requirement, assignments the student did not complete in class becomes homework. Students who regularly miss completing their assignments will be supported through the "Squires 2 Knight" program.

Drinks (including water), food, gum, candy, etc. are not allowed in the classroom. We need to keep our carpet clean.


The need for students to read at or above grade level can not be overstated. Just like eating and brushing one's teeth, reading is a DAILY necessity. Students are required to read 30 minutes EVERY weekday and 60 minutes over the weekend. Reading is critical to develop the language and vocabulary necessary for success in school. I have a library in my classroom from which students may borrow books. There is a well-stocked school library, and CNUSD students may use their school ID's at the City of Corona Library to check out books. You will receive a report in August that discusses your student's reading level. Students reading below grade level are especially vulnerable to failing and must take extra measures to improve their reading ability throughout the year.

Cellphones must be off in the classroom until teacher gives explicit permission to use for classwork. Students will only use the phone or device for schoolwork during class-time and not for social purposes.

When a student is absent, he/she is required to check the class planner and handout file for missing assignments. It is advised that the student talks to the teacher, after school, upon return, for clarification of any assignments that are missed. It is completely the student's responsibility to retrieve missed assignments. Assignments are also available on Canvas. Refer to student planner for time limits on late work due to absence.

Students will need to keep all graded work until end of each trimester in case of grade disputes.

Students and parents can visit the class page on Canvas. The "Calendar" section is where assignments and homework can be found. Announcements, assignments, and discussions will also be posted on Canvas. Some assignments will be required to be submitted through Canvas and other websites therefore students should take care to use Canvas frequently.

Parents can check their child's grades on Parent Connect through the Raney Website. Grades are updated at least every two weeks, but usually more often. Grades are based on classwork, homework, quizzes, assessments, and projects. Assignments that reflect mastery will be weighted the most.

Students must use the restroom during passing periods or lunch. If an emergency arises, the student may use the restroom during class time and "pay back" the time they missed in class by staying after school an equal number of minutes. Students with medical issues need to have proper documentation in the health office and will be exempt.

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